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      ABOUT US

      Company Culture

      Five core concepts

      Entrepreneurial spirit: Bingde from the road, good building world

      Enterprise tenet: Build the era of quality, build a beautiful life

      Corporate Branding Language: Good Builder·Huaxi

      Corporate Vision: Building China's First-Class Construction Integrators

      Corporate values: Responsibility, integrity, cooperation, innovation

      Eight basic concepts

      Business philosophy: Integrate resources, consolidate the main business, structure integration, diversified development

      Management philosophy:Specification, precision, efficiency, excellence

      Talent concept: Respect, cultivation, development, achievement

      Safety concept: Respect life, safety first

      Quality concept: Customer satisfaction, social responsibility

      Environmental protection concept: Green building Green Huaxi

      Service concept: Sincere service, beyond expectation

      Integrity concept: Self-cultivation and integrity